Capturing the essence

The Process

Having professional photos taken of you and your family may be something you’ve been considering for a while, but getting everyone together at the same time and place, or the possible expense involved may have held you back.

I take a different approach…

I like to photograph people at home or a favourite outdoor location, which can be more convenient if there are young children in the family. I tend to favour natural light as it brings a special quality to portraits. I take a fresh approach to every commission and am not a fan of props, poses or photoshop filters. A beautiful photo will stand on its own merits. I usually allow 2 hours for a sitting so you don’t feel rushed and as a dad, I know it can take children a while to adjust to a new face.


I like pricing to be out in the open, so I will ask a moderate fee of to cover my time and expenses for your sitting.

Location Portrait Shoot – £75.00
White Background Shoot – £125.00

The shoot includes a 7×10″ print, I then charge a very competitive amount for each reprint you choose. I oversee the developing and printing of your images myself, so that I can check the quality at every stage. Your photos will be ready to view within a few days, with a viewing at my garden studio where you can make a selection of the images you would like to have printed and framed. There is no minimum order or hard sell.

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White Background Shoot

If you’re looking for portraits that have the clean white background look, we have a portable studio that can be set up in your home. This is often popular with young adults and teenagers where I can recreate that zeitgeist high contrast look. I still like the portraits to feel natural and have that timeless feel. I just want to create beautiful portraits of your family.

We do have a minimum amount of space to accommodate the studio so do enquire before booking.

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touchesheart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.”

Irving Penn

John Faulkner Photography